We asked Perachem CEO, Nicholas Wood, about the approach and timing of the launch

Nicolas-Wood-BWQ: So why now? There are many hair brands on the market so why is now the time right for Perachem & PeRA|357 to launch?

NW: We feel it’s time to let a UK brand do the talking!  We strongly believe that the market place wants trustworthy innovation and fresh thinking and Perachem has patented solutions to meet that challenge.  For years, the hairdressing industry has been dominated by big players from outside the UK and we feel that, as the UK is widely regarded as the true ‘home of hairdressing’ then it’s time to have a brand to demonstrate that!

Q: The decision has been made to give this technology to the professional hair market first – why is that?

NW: The technology is ground breaking, a game changer and as a result it should be in the hands of the expert and that’s the professional hairdresser. It is the professional that will know how to get the most from products like Re-Kolour and how to promote additional services like Triple Impact so it was an easy decision to make!

Q: Will the technology be launched to consumers?

NW: Our focus is on the professional market and PeRA|357 has been developed for that market. We will develop our own e-commerce site to sell products like Triple Impact directly to consumers but the focus is on the salon.

Q: Why should hairdressers use Perachem products?

NW: Simply put because they work! However, not only do they provide a more flexible, gentle approach to the service they are also kinder to the hairdresser. We respect the health of the hairdresser in the salon and working with harsh chemicals daily can have a negative impact on the health of some hairdressers, by offering a more gentle approach we are considering the client, the hair and the hairdresser – why wouldn’t you use Perachem products?